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To give you a little break from looking for the best baby carriers for your child, let us entertain you with a few pictures of babywearing across the globe and the ages.

This method of carrying baby has existed far before the days of prams and buggies. Back then, the best baby carrier’s were not store bought – people would use anything that they could get their hands on to wrap their babies, be it a shawl or a bed sheet!

There was no such things as nurseries or sitting in the office, women would take their babies to work with them which usually entailed a day of manual labour.

Buggies and strollers are an invention of modern day western society, and whilst they have their time and place, you can’t help but look at these pictures and wonder why we would use a pushchair when we could wear our babies close to our hearts like this. (And breastfeed in the process!)


“They can’t sit like lumps!”

We came across an interesting article (click here) about a stroller company who recently tried to enter an African town, and were not met with any success. “They can’t sit like lumps”… “The baby on the back is actually following the mother in warmth and comfort. The baby feels safer, and safer people are happier people.”


Please enjoy our small library of pictures of how our strong ladies did it then, and in some countries, still do it now.

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs, Photograph by Lomen Bros., 1906

Hopi mother, by E.S. Curtis, in the public domain and digitalized by Northwestern University Library

Japan – a mother carrying both her children on her back at once using a cloth carrier.
National Geographic Magazine, Volume 31 (1917), page 553

Photo taken in 1979. Daily life in the Wayana village of Antecume Pata in French Guiana. A mother and her son.

Mexico – Mother carrying her toddler using a sling similar to the pouch.
National Geographic Magazine, Volume 31 (1917), page 559

Waorani Indians, Mother with baby, rio Cononaco, Ecuador, 1983

Eskimo family with the child being carried on the mother’s back in a fur lined carrier. Dated 1917.
National Geographic Magazine, Volume 31 (1917), page 564

If you come across any other pictures that you would love to see here, please send them in!

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