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New dads set to be allowed to stay overnight in the hospital

In a brilliant new initiative, Ipswich Hospital is allowing dads of new babies to stay overnight when their partners have just given birth.

I remember when I had my first child, my daughter. I had just had an emergency caesarian, was wheeled into the postnatal ward at 3 am, then my husband was asked to leave immediately.

I was still trying to get my head around what had happened and I was unable to even hold my baby as I had developed a serious case of the shakes due to the spinal block. I was totally freaked out and I needed my husband there. I tried to reason with the midwives through my tears but they were adamant that he needed to leave.

Hospital Policy?

It later turned out that this was hospital policy, put into place because some of the more traditional partners may not have felt comfortable with their wives spending the night in the same room as a strange male, separated by nothing more than a curtain. To me, this sounded ridiculous. Is it only me that thinks that if a man’s partner has just had his baby and he was willing to spend the entire night sleeping on an uncomfortable chair, that he probably cared more for the well-being of his partner and new baby than the woman across the room? And if the other partner was that worried that he could make childcare arrangements for any other children (Easier said than done sometimes, granted) and spend the night too?

Ipswich Hospital has announced a few days ago that they were to start allowing partners to stay overnight at the hospital once the baby was born. They feel that this will allow the partners the chance to bond with their child, and also reduce the level of anxiety for the new mother.

The partner will be offered a reclining chair, and a pillow and blanket to make them more comfortable.

The move may actually help to free up support staffs time as it means that fathers can help with caring for the baby overnight, and provide that critical support when it comes to breastfeeding.

This is a fantastic initiative which they may find will have longer-lasting benefits to the mothers emotional wellbeing that they even considered.

Well done Ipswich Hospital!

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