How to use the Amawrap as a breastfeeding sling

How to use the Amawrap as a breastfeeding sling

Use your Amawrap as a breastfeeding sling to feed on the go!* 

There are two positions demonstrated in the below video.  First we show you how to lower baby down while in the wrap to be level with the breast, which is the easier method. The second method shown is the cradle carry, also shown in the instructional booklet. 


Please ensure that you keep an eye on your babys airway while they are feeding, ensuring that their chin is not resting on their chest and their nose is not being blocked. Readjust your wrap and put it back to normal once you are done, for the same reason. Keeping baby in this position for longer than necessary is not advisable.

*Please ensure that you have fully established breastfeeding before attempting to feed in a sling or carrier.

Oxytocin and skin-to-skin contact

The skin-to-skin contact achieved by using the Amawrap releases a hormone called Oxytocin which not only helps the parent and baby bonding process, but also, along with the baby suckling on your breast, will encourage your body to produce milk. ​The body really is incredible!