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Sanitary pads and tampons are to be free in all schools

Following a campaign by Free Periods and the Red Box Project, sanitary products are finally going to be free and available in all schools in England!

According to The Guardian, this week funding will be announced to end period poverty, which is currently a huge problem. Many girls and women cannot afford the pads and tampons needed to simply attend school, and in the UK 49% of females have missed school due to this. Some go as far as using socks or taping toilet paper to their underwear in order to attend.

This move comes after 19 year old Amika George founded Free Periods having read about the sheer number of females who were having to miss school due to lack of menstrual products. She organised the #FreePeriods protest outside Downing Street, which was attended by 2000 people. She, along with the Red Box Project launched a fundraising campaign to allow them to bring about a legal challenge against the government.

Well done to Amika and the Red Box Project!

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