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Summer vs Winter Babywearing Infographic


Everything you need to know about wearing your sling in the summer, and keeping you and baby cool…


Treat every layer of the baby wrap like a layer of clothing

If its summer, the baby will be fine with just a vest on under the sling, or when its really very warm, even just a nappy. Don’t worry about your baby getting cold; the sling itself counts as a couple of layers so its the same as having a baby grow on too!


Protect the exposed areas

Make sure you have a gentle sunblock for baby, especially for the areas which are not covered by the sling, namely behind the neck, face, arms and legs. And make sure you have your own sunblock too, and use it! It would also be a great idea for you both to use hats to protect you further from the glare.


Keep hydrated

Both of you! You’ll both be warm and fluids will be needed to replace what is sweat out. If you are breastfeeding, be even more sure to keep even more on top of the amount you are drinking. Breastfed babies will get all of the fluid they need from your milk (be sure to feed them often to stop them getting thirsty in the heat), and formula fed babies may need some cool boiled water in addition to their milk.



You can use a little portable fan to keep you both cool, and could even invest in a pretty parasol or just use an umbrella to keep yourselves in the shade. One of the perks of having both hands free!


Breathable fabrics

Polyesters, and lycra has a habit of keeping the warmth trapped. Wearing natural, breathable fibres such as cotton or linen would be ideal to keep you and baby cooler. The Amawrap is 100% cotton so this helps!


If you think that baby will be too hot being carried in a baby sling, remember that mothers in Africa generally do not use prams – they babywear everywhere, and in complete comfort! Your body will adapt to stay cooler for your babies, the human body is pretty incredible like that. And the benefits you gain from wearing your baby in a sling are just amazing.

Do you have any other tips for our mums in order to keep cool in the summer? Let us know!

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